Aluminium du Maroc is a manufacturing and distribution company of aluminium alloy profiles destined to the building and industry for the Moroccan and international markets.

Our main driving force is our human capital, mastering the knowledge of our 5 trades:

  • Extrusion spinning of aluminium billets
  • Surface treatment by anodization or powder coating
  • Crimping for profiles with thermal breaks
  • Finalisation
  • And the distribution of joinery systems


The common and shared vision of the men and women of Aluminium du Maroc is the reflection of our company, as we live it today and as we dream it for tomorrow.

Our vision is set out in this charter, which serves as a guideline for our attitude and behaviour on a daily basis, regardless of the position, seniority or hierarchical level of each of us within the company.


Our Human Values

The men and women of Aluminium du Maroc are driven by human values that constitute a force of progress.


We provide a professional quality work, aiming for the excellence

  • We are accountable at all hierarchical levels of the company.
  • We continuously develop our skills and knowledge through training.
  • We carry out our tasks in a planned and organised manner.
  • We optimise the management of our resources.
  • We work in strict conformity with health and safety regulations.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in our performance.


We behave with loyalty towards our environment on a daily basis

  • We honour our commitments.
  • We make our decisions with consistency.
  • We behave fairly with our customers, our staff and our partners.
  • We communicate openly, accurately and truthfully.
  • We follow established procedures.
  • We stand for the rules of free and fair competition.


The company’s goals are everyone’s goals

  • We share the same ambitions and concerns.
  • We are committed to achieving our goals and improving our results.
  • We look for innovative solutions.
  • We value initiatives as a force of progress.
  • We make the flexibility of our organisation an asset.
  • We anticipate changes in our environment.


We anticipate expectations

  • We base our working relationships on mutual respect.
  • We are friendly to our interlocutors.
  • We are punctual.
  • We consider criticism as an opportunity for improvement.
  • We recognize and encourage effort, to stimulate motivation.
  • We seek the best solutions for all.


Solidarity is the cement of our culture

  • We are involved in social and civic actions.
  • We accept and respect differences.
  • We cultivate a work environment that fosters the staff’s fulfillment.
  • We stimulate team spirit, a catalyst of energy.
  • We build relationships of trust with our partners.
  • We develop while preserving the environment.

Our Values Materials

The men and women of Aluminium du Maroc rely on appreciable material values that enable them to offer quality services.


  • We rely on partnerships with international references.
  • We have a solid and sustainable financial base.
  • Our management is sound and transparent.
  • We follow a dynamic of permanent investments.
  • Our results contribute to the development of our country’s economy.


  • Our location in the Strait opens the doors to the Mediterranean.
  • Our expanding network brings us closer to the consumer.


  • Our production site is a reference in the industrial field in Morocco.
  • Our tool, constantly modernised, is of an excellent technological level.
  • Our facilities and processes are environmentally friendly.
  • Our working environment is welcoming and comfortable.


  • We apply the standards and directives in effect.
  • Our processes are mastered.
  • Our products comply with the strictest European standards and labels.
  • We promote quality to protect the end consumer.


  • We transform a material of the future, noble and « ecologically correct ».
  • Our reliable and durable products are designed to meet your needs.
  • We offer users personalised services.
  • We offer our partners associated services to support their growth.