QSE Charter & Policy

For many years, Aluminium du Maroc has had an integrated Quality, Safety and Environment management system, certifications which it maintains and renews to this day.

2002: ISO 9001 certification

2003: ISO 14001 certification

2003: ISO 45001 certification

To apply its QSE policy, Aluminium du Maroc invests in environmental protection facilities such as the Fairtec and Vetiver industrial wastewater treatment station, and measures its discharges regularly to ensure compliance with the regulation.

It also adopts a risk-based management approach as stipulated by the standard version of ISO 9001, to ensure the achievement of its objectives.

Concerning the respect of health and safety at work, actions are regularly implemented such as the training of the staff, the equipment in means of individual protection, the choice of technological solutions and the safest available materials for the health and the safety of the staff.